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You Are You 


You Are You podcast aims to:

  1. encourage us to embrace our God-given design,

  2. serve out our kingdom calling, and

  3. love God 100%.


The podcast has reached 15,000+ listens and charted all around the world... and even made the top 10 in Apple Podcast's Christianity charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Kuwait (where it reached #1!).


Join in, dear friends—everyone is welcome!


"Jesus is coming back soon. When he does, I pray we run boldly to him knowing we lived our lives as best as we could ... that we embraced who God made us to be, completed the plans he prepared for us, and praised his name boldly for we were not ashamed of the gospel.⁣"
Jenni Lien, Founder


Selected interviews

“Jenni is vulnerable and honest as she shares her faith and walk with the Lord. This podcast has so many great practical ideas and is full of worship and praise for our Saviour. A must listen for any Christian woman!”


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